WePay API Documentation Revamp

WePay’s API has always been designed with platforms in mind - marketplaces, crowdfunding sites and small business software providers. In January, with our new Series C funding, we doubled-down and focused solely on platforms and the API. Now our documentation more clearly reflects this focus as well and makes it even easier for platforms to integrate our API.

Step by Step Examples

We’ve provided step-by-step examples for our top platform types to quickly integrate based on their unique needs.

Each of these examples:

  • Explains the overall scenario use case

  • Gives code samples you can copy & paste

  • Gives both the Simple and Advanced integration options

The top platforms we cover include:

figure 1: Build an Online Marketplace tutorial


Flexibility in the Payment Experience

We’re also better highlighting the flexibility in choices you have with our API at each point of the payment user experience. Each section gives you the pros & cons of different integration approaches (e.g. should you use iframe checkouts or tokenization?).

figure 2: an overview of how to process payments


Lots More Code Samples

For every single use case and scenario, we have code samples. So as you make your integration choices and decisions, we’ve got you covered. There is always code in Ruby, cURL, Python & PHP. 

figure 3: /checkout/create in various languages


We’re going to continue improving our docs so please send us feedback, we’d love to hear what’s working and what’s not working for you!

In the meantime, start exploring our new docs!