Product Update| 2015.07.29| By Jeremy Milk

New blog, new American Express requirements… and more

We’re beefing up the WePay blog so it can better serve you, by curating more helpful information from the world of platforms and payments, providing additional depth on protecting against risk, and bringing in more product and customer success updates too. Please be on the lookout for all of this,...
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Uncategorized| 2015.07.27| By Jon Xavier

The biggest problem with EMV is not what you think

Last week, researchers at Inteller, a provider of web intelligence services, announced that it appeared that credit theives in Europe have already found a way to swipe sensitive data off of EMV cards.   A lot has been made about this development in certain less-informed corners of the Internet....
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Company| 2015.07.23| By Jun He

Automating machine learning for platform fraud detection

When you’re where the money is, bad guys will target you. It’s why criminals rob banks despite their armed guards, reinforced vaults, and state-of-the-art security systems.  And it’s why fraudsters now target platforms — either to gain access to their payments data or to run stolen credit...
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