Payments| 2014.09.29| By Jon Xavier

WePay's VP of Risk discusses big data, machine learning, and fighting fraud

A while ago, our Vice President of Risk, John Canfield, gave a very well received talk about  machine learning for risk management at Q Con in New York. We blogged about what was discussed, the 12 data sources that help WePay fight fraud, here. But now a video of the full talk is available. It's...
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Payments| 2014.09.25| By Jon Xavier

Platform payments explained: What is a platform?

Platform businesses are one of the fastest-growing segments of the tech industry, and they’ve got some unique challenges associated with them. Over the next few weeks we’re going to take a look at platform businesses, how their needs are different from traditional merchants, and what payments...
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Payments| 2014.09.18| By WePay

WePay's thoughts about Apple Pay

Like many of you, we were glued to our monitors as Apple announced its latest crop of product offerings last week. I suspect that we were in the minority, however, as what we were most interested in was not the new iPhone or the Apple Watch, but a new mobile payments system in iOS 8 called Apple...
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