Company| 2014.11.04| By Jon Xavier

Guy Fieri, Uncle Sam and a sheep walk into a bar: HalloWePay 2014

Here at WePay, there are three things we're passionate about: making payments simple, fighting fraud, and dressing up in animal costumes. Put simply: we do Halloween right around here. This year's HalloWePay Halloween party was our biggest ever — we had to hold it at the swank Chambers bar in...
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Payments| 2014.10.28| By Jon Xavier

Technology: the cause of, and solution to, all economic problems

Last week, WePay played host to a group from NewCo, an innovative tech conference. If you’re not familiar with NewCo, it’s a cool twist on a traditional tech conference. Rather than just renting space at a hotel or convention center and doing panel discussions back to back, NewCo hosts events in...
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Payments| 2014.10.22| By Jon Xavier

Platform payments explained: A closer look at aggregation

This week in our ongoing series laying out the basics of payments for platforms, we’re focusing on a payment setup that is simultaneously one of the most common and one of the most potentially troublesome: aggregation.   Aggregation can be a good choice for a platform company, since it...
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