Uncategorized| 2015.09.21| By Jon Xavier

Fraud watch: If someone says they paid you, check it out

Here’s an interesting new fraud tactic you should be aware of, particularly if you sell physical goods online: fake payment confirmation emails. In this fraud scheme, a criminal orders something from an online merchant and says they’ve made their payment. The merchant then receives what...
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Risk| 2015.09.18| By Jon Xavier

Why fraud costs are up a staggering 94%

LexusNexus' annual True Cost of Fraud report is out this week, and the headline is a doozy: US merchants on average now lose 1.32% of their annual revenue to fraud, a 94% increase over last year. Put that in perspective: If every US merchant lost at the average rate, the fraud losses would add up...
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Product Update| 2015.09.16| By Jeremy Milk

Introducing our new ACH solution

We're delighted to announce that WePay has made the ACH bank transfer a standard payment option available to US platform customers, effective immediately. This means that the 90%+ of US households maintaining bank accounts can now use those accounts to pay on platforms directly, without having to...
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