Uncategorized| 2014.10.22| By Jon Xavier

Platform payments explained: A closer look at aggregation

This week in our ongoing series laying out the basics of payments for platforms, we’re focusing on a payment setup that is simultaneously one of the most common and one of the most potentially troublesome: aggregation.   Aggregation can be a good choice for a platform company, since it...
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Payments| 2014.10.14| By Jon Xavier

Why payments suck, and how WePay Clear helps

Last week, we launched WePay Clear, the payments industry's first white label product to include complete risk and compliance protection. It was a big day for us as a company, but we think it's an equally big day for the payments industry. That's because we think it offers a step toward solving a...
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Payments| 2014.10.08| By April Rassa

Introducing WePay Clear: Payments with complete control and zero risk

Since the early days of selling, every e-commerce site or platform has included some way of making payments. Yet that hasn’t meant that the payment systems themselves were central to the site. A lot of them felt like afterthoughts — a plug-in with a clashing design added to a blog site or an...
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