Intern stories| 2015.09.02| By Joy Gao

Intern stories: What I learned about what makes WePay succesful

On my last day at WePay, I took a final snapshot of the office on my way out, reminiscing everything that had happened. Saying goodbye has never been this hard. I've spent a total of 16 weeks at WePay, 6 weeks longer than most interns, and just enough time to witness an office expansion, a...
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Platform economy| 2015.08.28| By Jon Xavier

How to predict how your platform will grow

One of the challenges for many companies in the platform economy is figuring out just how they should model their growth and make predictions. The truth of the matter is that platforms are often overnight successes that are years in the making. They feel like they're just muddling along with modest...
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Intern stories| 2015.08.26| By Jasmeet Arora

Intern stories: The "We" in WePay is Real

I like coding. It's challenging, it's fun, and I enjoy spending an hour or two figuring out how to create something using a set of consistent rules and behaviors (and then spending five or six hours figuring out what the heck went wrong the first twenty times I tried to run it). But unlike many...
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