Payments| 2015.04.30| By Jon Xavier

Crowdfunding isn’t just crowdfunding: How WeCareCard is stretching the envelope by with prepaid cards

One of the things we’re known for at WePay is crowdfunding.  Our payments engine powers five out of the top ten crowdfunding sites, including GoFundMe, the world’s largest crowdfunding site. But, while the term “crowdfunding” has become shorthand for a very specific kind of service --- a...
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Payments| 2015.04.16| By Jon Xavier

PayPal, OFAC, and why regulators play rough

At WePay, one of the reasons platforms love us is we worry about payment regulations so that they don’t have to. We’ve built one of the most compliant payments engines in the industry, and the way money moves behind the scenes removes our partners from the flow of funds, which insulates them...
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Company| 2015.04.09| By Jon Xavier

Welcome Kurt Bilafer, WePay's new VP of Global Sales and Customer Success

This week, WePay welcomes its newest executive, Kurt Bilafer, who will be taking over as Vice President of Global Sales & Customer Success. Kurt will be leading not just our sales organization, but also the account management team charged with communicating with our existing customers and making...
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