Product Update| 2016.04.11| By Jennifer Ojeh

Introducing new ACH and email security benefits

Today we announce two sets of product changes designed to better serve platforms and their users.   ACH enhancements including more insights, recurring payments We launched Pay With Bank (commonly known as ACH or eCheck payments) in September 2015 as an alternative payment method well...
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Product Update| 2016.04.06| By Jennifer Ojeh

What WePay partners need to know about MasterCard’s new BIN range

If you pull out any MasterCard card in your wallet, you’ll notice the 16-digit number on the front begins with a “5”. This “5” is part of MasterCard’s Bank Identification Number or BIN. A BIN represents the first four to six digits on a credit card and is often used to identify the...
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Developer| 2016.03.16| By Tao Long

How to mock SFTP payment processor backends

In payments, as the volume of transactions increases, the number of ways things can go wrong also increases. This is particularly true at the point where a processor interacts with its bank acquirer. Here, declines can happen for a whole host of reasons — insufficient funds, mismatched addresses,...
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