Company| 2015.05.20| By Bill Clerico

Some thoughts following our $40M funding

This morning, WePay announced some exciting news: we closed a $40 million Series D round of financing with new investment from FTV Capital and Rakuten. For WePay, this is a huge milestone; $40 million represents more capital than we’ve raised in the past seven years combined. This financing is...
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Payments| 2015.05.18| By Jon Xavier

Fraud bulletin: 419 scams hitting more platforms

Fraud detection technology is central to what we do here at WePay. That technology not only protects the online platforms and marketplaces we serve — it also gives insights into emerging and evolving fraud. Lately we’ve seen one specific scam re-emerge in a new way on online platforms, so...
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Developer| 2015.05.05| By Jun He

How we’re using machine learning to fight shell selling

In this first in an occasional series, we’re taking a look at machine learning initiatives at WePay — the kinds of problems we use machine learning for, how we build technology to address them, and how the unique challenges of the payments industry shape our approach. We thought the best...
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