Product Update: Improving WePay’s Withdrawal Process

Making sure people get paid quickly and efficiently has always been WePay’s first priority. Today we’re announcing a few product changes that should improve that process even further.

Both of the changes outlined below require you to use the latest version of the API. You can implement them whenever you like, and not all changes have to be implemented simultaneously. For more information about WePay’s versioning process, please explore our documentation.

Beneficiary payments

A long-requested feature, beneficiary payments allow you to identify the fundraiser and the end beneficiary of a fundraising campaign as two distinct people.


An API call that let’s you distinguish between the individual managing a fundraising campaign, and the eventual recipient of those funds.  Note: This call is not yet featured within WePay’s documentation, so please email us at for access.

Changes to withdrawal reconciliation

Reconciliation is the process of linking specific payments to specific withdrawals. A good reconciliation process makes it very easy to understand how money has flowed through a specific account, and what that account’s balance should be.


The merchant and partner portals have a new UI to give easy access to each withdrawal and the transactions that went into it.


WePay will only settle entire transactions. If a transaction cannot be entirely settled, e.g. due to reserves, it will not be added to the pending payments amount.

Here are two screenshots showing the new withdrawal UI:



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