WePay Engineering and Kubernetes Containerization

August 14, 2018 Payments
By Owen Linderholm, Senior Content Strategist
By Owen Linderholm, Senior Content Strategist

One part of keeping an organization like WePay running smoothly is handling the ebb and flow of transactions smoothly. We base a lot of our architecture on Google Cloud infrastructure and various open source technologies running on top of it.

The WePay Engineering blog regularly publishes articles about how we use modern technologies to pursue constant improvement in our work. Some of these techniques are valuable to anyone working on scaling infrastructure online and in the cloud.

Mohsen Rezaei, Senior Software Engineer, recently wrote about exactly how WePay manages its service mesh with GKE, particularly some of the routing and load balancing options used in the past, then compared them with possible service mesh proxy services. The most recent article focuses on containerization patterns we’ve been experimenting with and using in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). If you are interested in these techniques or how one organization handles high volume transactions online, please take a look.

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Owen Linderholm, Senior Content Strategist

Owen Linderholm is Senior Content Strategist at WePay. He has previously held content and editorial roles at Yahoo, Microsoft, IDG and the BBC.

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