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April 12, 2018 Wepay Updates
Rachel Kolander
By Rachel Kolander, Product Marketing Manager
Rachel Kolander
By Rachel Kolander, Product Marketing Manager

The benefits of integrated payments are very clear: platforms can drive higher conversion, earn more revenue, and deliver better value to their customers. Now platforms can drive even more user stickiness with our new notification APIs. Using notification data enables platforms to amp up customer satisfaction: not only can platforms stay informed on payments activity, but they can also supplement WePay emails with additional, customized notifications.

Specifically, your platform can be notified about merchant account adjustments, micro-deposit verifications, negative balances, chargebacks, withdrawals in review, settlement method changes, and flagged payments and settlements — and more events are coming soon.

For security reasons, we don’t automatically push data to your platform. Instead, you can subscribe to notifications and make a call to /notification_preference. When a relevant event occurs, your platform is sent a webhook with the notification ID, which you can then use to easily access details using the /notification call.

For example, an “adjustment” occurs when WePay debits or credits a merchant account to resolve an exception. In the example below, WePay credits $101.00 to merchant account 2139936461 and sends the following notification to your platform:

“notification_id”: “57605bfc-21a2-4285-b888-181aeaf19ac7”,
“account_id”: 2139936461,
“topic”: “adjustment.credited”,
“event_time”: 1497562333,
“payload”: {
“type”: “credit”,
“amount”: “$101.00”,
“reason”: “This is the reason why the adjustment was made.”

Your platform can leverage this notification data in a myriad of ways. You can include an alert in the user’s dashboard, send an SMS message to the user, or simply log the event in your system for improved transparency and monitoring. If you decide to create a custom notification, you can customize the language and formatting however you see fit. We know that you are the expert on how to best reach your users, and we provide all the flexibility your platform needs to ensure that users receive the right message at the right time, in a manner that is consistent with the rest of your platform’s UX.

The notification APIs are currently in beta, and available for no additional cost to all WePay platform customers. Interested in learning more? Our developer documentation is available here. Email us at, or reach out to your technical account manager to get access to the notification APIs.

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Rachel Kolander

Rachel Kolander, Product Marketing Manager

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