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January 08, 2018 Payments
By Owen Linderholm, Senior Content Strategist
By Owen Linderholm, Senior Content Strategist

As we take a deep breath and dive into the blank slate of 2018, it’s worth taking a quick look back at the highlights of 2017 and the top posts of last year. We dug into our metrics and here are the top seven posts of the year.

Leading the pack was our announcement of acquisition by JPMorgan Chase. Although this is significant to us as a company, it is also significant for the payments and fintech industry as part of an ongoing story of consolidation and acceptance of fintech and integrated payments by major players in the industry.

The next biggest story for us was one of our pieces about the Giving Tuesday movement. We took a look at the best places and ways to donate and this resonated with all of you – a great reflection on a giving and charitable spirit in the payments industry.

WePay is an interesting and diverse workplace with a ton of smart people helping to build the future of integrated payments. We profile some of them occasionally and our Deputy Chief Compliance Officer, Abby Chaffatt is typical of the industry experience and intelligence we try to bring to bear on integrated payments.

Our top product announcement of the year was back in the first half of 2017 but it highlights how integrated payments are changing rapidly and changing the face of commerce equally rapidly. We announced strong support for Apple Pay and Android Pay on the web.

One of the valuable things we did this year was a study about the attitudes and approaches SMBs have toward taking payments. This post runs down the results. The widespread impact of fraud is the big surprise.

Following the big Money2020 conference in October we polled the WePay staff who attended for their impressions and specifically what they saw coming in the future from attending the conference. Not too surprisingly the big trends were consolidation and the impact of blockchain.

Our last big story was an interview with one of our smartest customers, Daryl Hatton of Connection Point/Fundrazr who talked about crowdfunding and how integrated payments can enable platform businesses.

These are just a few of the industry issues and topics that we covered in 2017 and we plan to continue to keep you all informed and engaged with the issues around accepting payments throughout 2018.

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Owen Linderholm, Senior Content Strategist

Owen Linderholm is Senior Content Strategist at WePay. He has previously held content and editorial roles at Yahoo, Microsoft, IDG and the BBC.

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