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July 06, 2017 Payments
Rachel Kolander
By Rachel Kolander, Product Marketing Manager
Rachel Kolander
By Rachel Kolander, Product Marketing Manager

Offline commerce still makes up over 90% of total commerce, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. Meanwhile audio jacks and wires are increasingly disappearing from our devices. So WePay has added a new wireless mobile point of sale (mPOS) device to our solution so you can better serve your users in this omnichannel world.

WePay’s new Bluetooth-enabled mobile reader is available to all US-based merchants. Not only is the device wireless, but it’s also smaller, lighter, and more cost effective than our plug-in option. All of the same customization options are available to you, from branding the devices with your company’s colors and logo, to the packaging and messaging you include.

What’s more, fulfillment services are available so you can avoid holding inventory and managing the logistics associated with shipping readers to your merchants.

WePay Reader


As always, WePay provides an integrated experience – with all card-present and card-not-present transaction data together.

To get started, you pair our SDK with your mobile app. For your merchants, the onboarding process is simple – after downloading your mobile app and wirelessly syncing with the mobile reader, they’re ready to accept payments.

Friendly reminder – this is a hardware product, so there are lead times and order minimums for mPOS readers.

You can find more benefits and details on the mPOS program here. And mobile technical documentation is available here. If you have additional questions or wish to proceed with a mobile point of sale program, contact your account manager or

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Rachel Kolander

Rachel Kolander, Product Marketing Manager

Rachel Kolander is a Product Marketing Manager at WePay. She brings experience launching new SaaS products, as well as four years of work in finance. When she's not thinking about payments, you can often find her exploring a hiking trail or in a ClassPass exercise class.

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