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March 16, 2017 Payments
Jennifer Ojeh
By Jennifer Ojeh, Product Marketing Manager
Jennifer Ojeh
By Jennifer Ojeh, Product Marketing Manager

Mobile Payments

There’s no time like the present to embrace mobile commerce. Sales from mobile represent 30% of all US e-commerce and are continuing to grow fast as more and more customers reach for their phones to pay. Despite this growth, checkout rates on the mobile web remain stubbornly low — just one-third of desktop rates according to Adobe Digital Insights. Turns out that when customers are forced to enter tedious payment and shipping information on small phone screens, conversion rates plummet. This poor user experience leads customers to abandon transactions, causing platforms to lose revenue each and every day.

We worked to address this pressing challenge a few months ago by adding support for Apple Pay on the Web to simplify checkout experiences on mobile. Today, we’re excited to add support for a second payment method — Google’s Android Pay on the Web — to help you move even more customers through checkout faster.

Both services are available for no additional cost to WePay platform customers with an existing custom checkout integration.

With Apple Pay on the Web, payers can checkout using Safari on their supported iPhone, iPad or Mac by simply tapping the Apple Pay button and scanning their fingerprint.

For Android Pay on the Web, payers simply select the Android Pay option when checking out on Chrome browsers, completing the transaction with just a single touch. Android users also have the option of paying directly with a credit card in the same streamlined fashion. Android Pay on the Web is built on top of PaymentRequest, a new industry standard API meant to simplify checkout forms. In addition to Android Pay, PaymentRequest supports other payment types including credit cards stored on the browser. Regardless of payment method chosen, customers simply confirm their details and pay. Gone are are the days of having to manually enter payment and shipping details at checkout. PaymentRequest is available on Chrome 53+ on Android mobile devices.

With Apple Pay and Android Pay, your customers can speed through checkout without compromising security. Actual card numbers are never stored or sent during a transaction. Instead, virtual account numbers are used to represent payer account information, which keeps card details safe and secure.

These benefits are available to WePay platforms through our javascript library. Once implemented, the experience is similar to custom checkout with credit card tokenization.

Ready to support Apple Pay on the Web and Android Pay on the Web? Learn more here or reach out to your account manager to get started. We’d love to hear from you!

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Jennifer Ojeh

Jennifer Ojeh, Product Marketing Manager

Jennifer is a Product Marketing Manager at WePay, where she oversees all outbound marketing efforts for a number of payment products and features. Prior to WePay, Jennifer occupied various business and consumer marketing roles at Visa, Inc. Aside from payments, Jennifer is also fond of all things pumpkin, Pinterest and Beyoncé.

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