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March 07, 2017 Wepay Updates
By Bill Clerico, CEO and Co-founder
By Bill Clerico, CEO and Co-founder

At different companies where I’ve worked, values have meant different things and served different purposes.  At some companies, they are exhaustive lists of all attributes that employees should embody.  At others, they are short lists of concise principles.

At WePay, we opt for the latter, knowing that our culture needs the ability to evolve, and that no list of values can describe all aspects of a potential decision.  We are proud of the fact that we have distilled our culture down into a few choice phrases:

  • Delight Customers
  • Invest in Relationships
  • Be Authentic
  • Embrace Change
  • Play to Win

One of those values is “Embrace Change.”  With that in mind, about 6 months ago, we began a process to examine our culture and our values and reaffirm that they were the right values for WePay in 2017 (and make changes if they were not!)

We pulled together a cross-functional group of employees to do this examination, with the aim to:

  • Build on the foundation that has gotten us to where we are today
  • Preserve key messages and guiding principles from our long-time values
  • Bring more tangibility, excellence, and pace into our values

On the whole, our team felt connected to the values and felt that they were both accurate, and represented the type of company that they wanted to work at.  

But as our team continued conversations with folks around the company, it became clear that there was a general confusion about what “Play to Win” meant – and it was being used in a variety of different ways.  We had a series of discussion to define what “winning” means at WePay – and we determined that it meant both moving fast and having a high bar for quality.  So we decided to state that more explicitly!

With that in mind, I’m incredibly excited to share the next generation of WePay’s values:

WePayValues 2017

With these changes, I believe our values will be an even more powerful guide to us in the years ahead as we continue to grow our business and serve our customers.  I’m thankful to the team that has helped articulate these values, but also personifies them every single day.

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Bill Clerico, CEO and Co-founder

Bill was a technology investment banker at Jefferies, and studied Computer Science at Boston College. He is also an angel investor and part-time partner at Y Combinator, and loves helping other entrepreneurs.

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