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November 09, 2016 Wepay Updates
Alex Smith
By Alex Smith, Product Manager
Alex Smith
By Alex Smith, Product Manager

WePay has launched improvements to our merchant reports, making them more reliable and intuitive. This is the first step in a set of broader improvements to the WePay Merchant Center coming later this year.

In the merchant center, WePay provides two types of reports:

  • Transaction reports contain everything that enters or exits a merchant’s account, one row per transaction
  • Reconciliation reports contain a list of transactions associated with a specific settlement (also known as a withdrawal)

Our product and engineering teams have built new robust reports infrastructure that will scale with us and our partners as we continue to grow. Within ten minutes of request, reports are generated and merchants are emailed with a link to download them. There is a six hour latency period on reconciliation report data and a 36 hour latency period on transaction report data.

Improvements on both reports include:

  • Added settlement information for each payment so merchants can now see at a glance whether or not a payment has been settled to their bank account
  • Added WePay adjustments to reports so merchants can now easily tell when manual debits or credits have been made to the merchant account, typically by the WePay Support team
  • Removed superfluous columns, like payer address information, for greater clarity
  • Added payer information on the reconciliation report, facilitating easier reconciliation for merchants
  • Added payout method, including check and ACH

These improvements will also affect platforms delivering merchant reports via Reports API (also live now). This API allows platforms to deliver both transaction and reconciliation reports to their merchants seamlessly inside of their own UI without ever sending merchants to WePay. For more information please contact or your Account Manager.

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Alex Smith, Product Manager

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