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September 12, 2016 Payments
Jennifer Ojeh
By Jennifer Ojeh, Product Marketing Manager
Jennifer Ojeh
By Jennifer Ojeh, Product Marketing Manager

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Here’s a common problem on mobile: you’ve done all the right things to make your UX seamless. You’ve implemented responsive design. You’ve streamlined content for faster load times. You’ve even simplified the site navigation to make it work on small screens.

But still, your users aren’t completing their transactions. Invoices remain unpaid and donations stand half completed. Even though mobile conversions have improved, there’s still that last bit that won’t convert.

Frankly, it’s not your fault. Traditional checkout barely works on desktop, with its long forms and nosey data asks. On mobile, it’s completely broken. But WePay is working to fix it.

Today, we’re pleased to announce  support for Apple Pay on the Web as a way to simplify checkout experiences on mobile. This new service extends Apple Pay’s one-touch checkout onto the mobile web. And WePay platforms will be among the first to enable the service.

Apple Pay on the Web is now available at no additional cost for anyone with an existing custom checkout integration. Support for platforms with a hosted checkout integration is coming soon.

With Apple Pay on the Web, end users can check out using Safari on their iPhone, iPad or Mac by simply tapping the Apple Pay button and scanning their fingerprint.  You don’t even need to have your own mobile app — it works seamlessly within the browser. The conversion benefits of one touch checkout can be significant. Merchants who have been live with the existing version of Apple Pay have seen increases of up to 2.5x.

And since Apple uses tokens in place of actual credit card numbers during a transaction, customers can rest assured knowing their information is protected. This is what makes Apple Pay so secure.

These benefits will be available to WePay platforms through our tokenization.v2.js. Our custom checkout is built on tokenization.v2.js to securely accept your customer’s payment details and pass them directly to WePay’s servers. Once implemented, the experience is similar to custom checkout with credit card tokenization.

Ready to support Apple Pay on the Web? Reach out to your account manager or contact us here if you’re not a current customer. We’d love to hear from you!

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Jennifer Ojeh

Jennifer Ojeh, Product Marketing Manager

Jennifer is a Product Marketing Manager at WePay, where she oversees all outbound marketing efforts for a number of payment products and features. Prior to WePay, Jennifer occupied various business and consumer marketing roles at Visa, Inc. Aside from payments, Jennifer is also fond of all things pumpkin, Pinterest and Beyoncé.

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