WePay unveils mobile point of sale solution for platforms

May 16, 2016 Payments
Jennifer Ojeh
By Jennifer Ojeh, Product Marketing Manager
Jennifer Ojeh
By Jennifer Ojeh, Product Marketing Manager

The line between e-commerce and traditional commerce continues to blur, thanks to the rise of smartphones and mobile card readers. Yet if you’re a platform that helps people do business online, you know that embracing omnicommerce has traditionally required some less-than-ideal trade-offs: You either worked with a third-party vendor, sacrificing your prized merchant experience in the process, or spent a ton of time and money building your own mobile point of sale solution from scratch.  

You told us you wanted a way to facilitate in-person payments without the added friction. We heard you and are excited to introduce our Mobile Point of Sale Solution for existing WePay platform customers with US-registered merchants. Consisting of a customizable EMV-enabled card reader, iOS and Android mobile SDKs, and a fulfillment service, our solution allows you to embed the ability to accept physical bank cards directly into your application for maximum control of the user experience.

And because everything is powered by the same WePay API you’ve already integrated with to process online payments, you’ll be able to launch your own customized mobile payments program for your merchants with just a few lines of code.


All you need is a merchant-facing mobile app. We’ll source the reader, integrate with the necessary financial institutions, and manage the certification work for you. Integrating our SDK into your mobile application seamlessly ties payment information to other records your merchants are already using to manage their business or campaign.

For example, let’s say you’re a platform that provides cloud accounting software to small business owners. SMBs that use your mobile app to generate invoices can now easily receive physical credit card payments against these invoices using the same system they use for online payments. The same goes for any other records that may apply to your software ie. customer records for a platform that provides CRM software or inventory records for a platform that provides ecommerce storefront software. That’s the beauty of integrated payments.

Once you’ve paired our SDK with your mobile application, we’ll source custom, branded readers for your platform and ship them directly to your merchants. Integrating our Fulfillment API with your mobile app means you never have to worry about inventory or shipping.

Accepting payments with the device is simple too. It plugs into the headphone jack of most iPhone and Android smartphones. It processes chip and traditional credit and debit card payments, which means your users are covered for the EMV liability shift and beyond.

We’re excited to support you in offering your users a flexible option for getting paid wherever they are, entirely under your brand. Ready to launch your own mobile point of sale program? Reach out to your account manager or contact us here if you’re not a current customer. We’d love to hear from you!

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Jennifer Ojeh

Jennifer Ojeh, Product Marketing Manager

Jennifer is a Product Marketing Manager at WePay, where she oversees all outbound marketing efforts for a number of payment products and features. Prior to WePay, Jennifer occupied various business and consumer marketing roles at Visa, Inc. Aside from payments, Jennifer is also fond of all things pumpkin, Pinterest and Beyoncé.

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