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September 16, 2015 Payments
Jeremy Milk
By Jeremy Milk, Head of Marketing
Jeremy Milk
By Jeremy Milk, Head of Marketing

We’re delighted to announce that WePay has made the ACH bank transfer a standard payment option available to US platform customers, effective immediately. This means that the 90%+ of US households maintaining bank accounts can now use those accounts to pay on platforms directly, without having to involve the credit card networks.

ACH payments are safe, secure, and fast. What’s more, they can be particularly beneficial for high dollar transactions, from the purchase of home remodels to fine art, when buyers seek to spend above their credit card limits and sellers seek to reduce transaction fees. ACH offers something for everyone in such cases: a fast, easy payment for buyers, and more profit for merchants.

Our solution works for custom integrations as well as our standard iFrames, is designed to limit checkout friction for first-time payers, and is mobile-friendly.

Put all of this together and the outcome is clear: platforms can offer more payment choices to better serve their users in more use cases. Platform partners may see improvements in conversion, payments volume, and customer delight.

Details of note:

iFrame checkout: The new user experience is now live for all partners using our iFrame. Your users will see “Pay with bank” as a payment option in addition to credit cards. There’s nothing to implement — users can start accepting ACH payments immediately.

Custom checkout: Platforms utilizing our custom checkout experience can implement ACH bank transfer today with WePay’s tokenization.v2.js. Once ACH is implemented, the experience is similar to custom checkout with credit card tokenization. You’ll want to speak with your Account Manager or contact us at for implementation details and documentation.

Regardless of the implementation method, we suggest partners revisit the marketing language they use elsewhere in their site experience to inform their customers about this new option and how it can benefit them.

The payer experience, whether through a custom or iFrame checkout, will include a simple, four-step dance:

1. Choose to pay by bank instead of by entering credit card information.

2. Select bank from list of choices and login. (If the payer’s bank is not listed, or they would prefer not to log-in by way of WePay’s interface, there is a back-up micro-deposit authentication that can be done with bank account and routing numbers.)


3. Choose the account (if more than one).


4. Enter email for receipt.


If you’d like to learn more about ACH, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Current WePay customers can engage their primary contact or our Customer Delight team. If you’re not a current WePay customer, please reach out to our Sales team to start the conversation about ACH and what it can do for your platform.

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Jeremy Milk

Jeremy Milk, Head of Marketing

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