Intern stories: The "We" in WePay is Real

August 12, 2015 Wepay Updates
By Jasmeet Arora,
By Jasmeet Arora,


I like coding. It’s challenging, it’s fun, and I enjoy spending an hour or two figuring out how to create something using a set of consistent rules and behaviors (and then spending five or six hours figuring out what the heck went wrong the first twenty times I tried to run it).

But unlike many other software engineers I know, I didn’t start coding until my freshman year of college. I don’t have a Github full of side projects I’ve done in my spare time. Before this summer, I had never had a real dev job before.

So before I started at WePay I was nervous, intimidated, and unsure of what I was getting myself into. What would they expect from me? What would I talk to people about? How was I supposed to network?

If I were to go back and talk to 3-months-ago Jasmeet, I’d tell her she had absolutely nothing to worry about.

WePay has been built on five core values that are shared across the company. While they are all very realistic and admirable values, there is one that stuck with me the most: invest in relationships with the people you work with.

Not relationships where we exchange emails, and connect on LinkedIn, and have small talk about what are working on, but real relationships, where we learn about each others favorite foods and funny quirks and their climbing/skydiving/plane-flying adventures.

What made my summer experience so special was that WePay not only lived up to that value for me, it went above and beyond.  I’ve known too many environments where your work defines who you are, and I found WePay to be exactly the opposite of that. I wasn’t just an intern working on some project that they needed me to hurry up and do before I left. In fact, nobody was just an intern or just an engineer or just a new hire.

Everyone was recognized as so much more than what their job entailed. WePay valued their sense of humor, their love for games, their passion for a sport or activity — whatever made them, them. The company has such a large focus on the fact that, yes, while everyone is doing very important work, we are all people, and everyone has something unique to offer. This sort of atmosphere was perfect for fostering the strong relationships I was able to build during the three months I was there.

Some of the invaluable WePay moments that made me the happiest:

  • Having a one-on-one with my manager, Ray, that quickly turned into an hour long discussion on philosophy and ethics.
  • Getting completely crushed by little kids at laser tag with Core Engineering team (Steve was the exception; he was very pleased to come in first place).
  • Struggling through (very few, but enough) 7-minute workouts with WeFit, the internal workout group that meets each day.
  • Playing Munchkin for hours and having to pack up without ending because we were all too competitive to win
  • Bumping into Rich at dinnertime in Redwood City, having spontaneous dinner with him. More importantly, that dinner resulting in Rich creating a Snapchat (I will always be proud of that one!)

While I’ve learned a whole heck of a lot about good engineering practices, greatly advanced my programming skills, and experienced working in a growing startup — all things I’m super grateful for this summer, and could talk about forever — I think the most unique aspect of WePay, and what I loved most, is how well I was able to connect with everyone there.

I will miss all the talented humans of WePay very much!

PS the food was amazing…