To Pay is Human

I came to WePay because I wanted to make a difference. I know how that may sound a bit grandiose for a payments company, but hear me out.

You know what makes a really good payment experience? Not realizing that you’ve gone through it. Payment systems have become so good that they are approaching the point that they just happen. They are becoming invisible.

There was a time not very long ago where you had to pick up your paycheck from the payroll department, stand in line at the bank or ATM, and carry around wads of cash. That cash would pay for everything from bus fare and bridge tolls to groceries and hamburgers. You paid your bills with envelopes, checks and stamps. You knew what a “payment coupon” was.

All of these things represent friction in an economic system that we need to eliminate.

As example, for the past 3 weeks, I have had “Donate to UCPD” on my to do list. Unfortunately, one of our officers at the Union City Police Department is experiencing an unspeakable tragedy, and I have been overcome with the need to donate. I spoke with the president of the police officer’s association, committing to donate. However, I have run out of checks, and now I have to figure out what to do next since a paperless option is not part of the solution.

That is the worst kind of friction.

Payments are important and are the lifeblood of our economy, our communities, and therefore, our lives.  The more we make these payments invisible, the more we can free people to use their creativity to change the world.

Today, there are countless startups on kitchen tables and in garages. Some of them are going to change your lives in ways that you don’t realize quite yet. Many will need a way to take or make a payment. WePay’s got that all figured out for them.

I came to WePay after a long career with large, consumer-facing brands.  My opportunity and challenge is to apply lessons learned with consumer brands to the financial services realm.  

I am on Day 4 here at WePay.  Amidst the astounding technology and brilliant people, there is creative energy and aspirations of creating a user experience that flows like water.  I can tell you we are going to do great things and change the world together.