Update - Creating and Managing Accounts

We’re excited to announce some changes that make handling your customers’ WePay accounts even more seamless. As of today, it will be easier to provision WePay accounts for your users without exposing them to any WePay interfaces. We’re also going to start communicating a new level of per-account detail.

Both of the changes outlined below require you to use the latest version of the API. You can implement them whenever you like, and not all changes have to be implemented simultaneously. For more information about WePay’s versioning process, please explore our documentation.

Changes to merchant onboarding

Originally deprecated in favor of WePay’s OAuth2 registration flow, the /user/register call is now revived and improved. It allows an application to let their user start accepting payments without ever interacting with WePay.


The /user/register flow will now work for both new users to WePay and those who have used the same email address to register on WePay previously.

After the user verifies their email address, they are prompted to enter their preferred bank account and KYC information. They will have the ability to skip this step.


Users will have 14 days to confirm their account after their first payment is accepted.

If no payments are accepted, the user will have 90 days to confirm their account, instead of 14.

An account confirmation email can be sent or re-sent at anytime with the /user/resend_confirmation call.

Changes to the account status API

With changes to the /account call we will be exposing a new level of per-account detail as well as a new process for users to interact with and edit their account information.


The /account call will return an entirely new (and more helpful) set of parameters. These will include information about pending payments, balances, reserves, withdrawals, statuses, and status reasons.

There are two new calls: /account/get_update_uri and /account/get_reserve_details. The get_update_uri call should be able to support all edits that a user wants to make to their WePay accounts.


Two calls are updated: /account/create and /account/modify. Both calls will return the new /account parameters.


Two calls are deprecated: /account/add_bank and /account/balance.

The new /account JSON response with new and updated features highlighted:


The official WePay Change Log.