LabStar Partners with WePay to Simplify Payments for Dental Labs

LabStar is a cloud-based software that dental laboratories use to run their businesses. The world of dental labs has recently become inordinately more complicated—with a host of technologies coming into their daily workflow. LabStar seeks to help labs simplify the running of their day-to-day business, with a simple pay-as-you-go model that helps labs handle everything from tracking orders to manufacturing, to HIPAA compliance, invoicing and customer support.

Because lab owners are artists and craftsmen, not technologists, LabStar puts incredible effort into making sure their software is intuitive and easy to use. They also offer the volume-based pricing in the industry with no click fees, license fees, upgrade fees, usage timers, or limitations on users.

When it came to choosing a payment partner, LabStar was understandably choosey. “We talked to over 20 companies. It was one of those projects we maybe got a little carried away with, but we’re glad we did,” said Jeff Noles, Founder and CEO of LabStar.

“There were numerous reason we chose WePay, but it ultimately came down to the fact that you were completely transparent about fees. With WePay, our customers know exactly what they will pay,” said Jeff Noles. These days, dental lab owners have a hypersensitivity to hidden fees. They’re stuck in a bit of a catch-22. The influx of technology into the dental lab industry has brought about a whole slew of solutions the lab owners have to use—that also have associated fees that aren’t either easy to understand or calculate. Like LabStar, WePay makes it easy and keeps it simple to understand the terms of a transaction. In addition, great service and ease of implementation factored into their choice of WePay.

The company in incredibly pleased with its decision. In fact, LabStar even wrote a blog post about their reasons for choosing WePay so their customers could see firsthand why they made the decision. 

Pay It Square Partners with WePay to Simplify Customer Experience

If you’ve collected money from a group, you know it can be a bit like herding cats. Pay It Square is simplifying two particularly painful parts of the process: getting paid and keeping all the details organized.  Pay It Square helps any person collect money from any group for any purpose. While there are hundreds of scenarios the site helps to solve, there are three main focuses for those who use Pay It Square: fundraising, event registration, and the sharing of expenses like those for a class reunion or group trip.

Here’s how it works. An organizer creates a page with all the details and invites others to the page via email or sharing it on Facebook. By logging in to the back end, the organizer can easily see who has and hasn’t paid. What’s more, they can send out updates and reminders—and even coordinate logistics.

It’s really fast to get started. An organizer can get a page up within minutes. Thanks to the WePay API, they can start getting paid immediately as well. Those that owe money can enter their credit card, without needing to click a link or go to another page. For the organizer, WePay deposits funds directly and immediately into their account. No need to reach a minimum amount or wait for a batch of payments to process.

While getting a page up in minutes seems pretty quick, Pay it Square is relentless about continuously simplifying the customer experience. WePay is critical to their vision moving forward. Since adding WePay as a payment option, there’s been a “dramatic improvement,” said Brian Anderson, Co-Founder at Pay It Square. “We’ve found that the majority of the users already have PayPal accounts, but 65% pick WePay as their payment processor.”  There has also been a 30% increase in user pages created and a 20% increase in the transactions since the sites major upgrade released in early March 2014.

Pay It Square’s chose WePay for a few key reasons. The company felt WePay had the best onboarding process in the market—one that easily integrated into the Pay It Square site without redirecting users away. Ultimately, however, it came down to integrity.  “When WePay says it’s going to do something, they do it. We’ve experienced WePay to be open and honest and they follow through—and that means everything,” said Brian Anderson.

Read Brian Anderson’s post on Pay It Square’s experience and implementation process using WePay. 


That means everything to us here at WePay. Our goal is to enable our customers to offer their users the most seamless payment experience possible. Pay It Square is doing just that for those willing to step up and organize the fun and meaningful causes, events and activities that bring people together. 

FundRazr Goes Mobile With WePay

FundRazr is a global crowdfunding platform that manages donations to over 40,000 campaigns, totaling over $50M to date. As they look to grow their business, they will continue to rely on payment providers to help them expand their offerings and simplify the user experience. In late 2013, WePay partnered with FundRazr to help improve payment processing across the platform. 

In the crowdfunding industry, growth increasingly means tailoring your site to the mobile audience. FundRazr is working to do just that from every angle. They have made improvements in their payment process and have put a serious focus on responsive design. However, the company credits WePay for the success of their mobile payments. The partnership with WePay drastically simplified the payment process on mobile devices, resulting in a 73% increase in successful mobile payments since launching WePay last year.  

“WePay has allowed us to significantly increase our conversion rates, simply by partnering with them,” said Bret Conkin, Chief Marketing Officer at FundRazr. “Our relationship with the WePay team has been vital thus far and we will continue to rely on them for campaign payment processing going forward.”


So far this year, WePay has 10% more successful payments than other payment providers on the FundRazr site. This is critical, particularly as FundRazr looks to break into the business crowdfunding landscape later this year with a suite of solutions designed for startup, idea-stage companies and others in the business community. The company is developing ‘white-label crowdfunding’ where FundRazr software can be integrated into other websites to turn them into a crowdfunding portal. And, they’re working towards partnering with corporations to provide them a platform to donate to campaigns of charities they support, start their own, or donate rewards or fees to existing campaigns. 

We couldn’t be more excited about FundRazr’s plan for growth—or pleased they see us as a critical ally to help them get there.

Welcome Steve!

Today, I’m incredibly excited to announce that Steven Pellizzer has joined WePay as our Chief Financial Officer.

Previously, Steve was CFO at CyberSource, a publicly held provider of electronic payment and risk management solutions that pioneered eCommerce payment processing.

Under Steve’s financial leadership, CyberSource grew revenue from $30 million to over $300 million, culminating in Visa’s acquisition of CyberSource for $2 billion in June 2010.  At the time, CyberSource was processing over 25% of all U.S. eCommerce.

I’m incredibly excited to partner with Steve through the next phase of WePay’s growth.  His experience will be instrumental in helping us serve the most exciting segments of eCommerce today: platform businesses like marketplaces, crowdfunding sites and small business software.

Welcome Steve!

To Pay is Human

I came to WePay because I wanted to make a difference. I know how that may sound a bit grandiose for a payments company, but hear me out.

You know what makes a really good payment experience? Not realizing that you’ve gone through it. Payment systems have become so good that they are approaching the point that they just happen. They are becoming invisible.

There was a time not very long ago where you had to pick up your paycheck from the payroll department, stand in line at the bank or ATM, and carry around wads of cash. That cash would pay for everything from bus fare and bridge tolls to groceries and hamburgers. You paid your bills with envelopes, checks and stamps. You knew what a “payment coupon” was.

All of these things represent friction in an economic system that we need to eliminate.

As example, for the past 3 weeks, I have had “Donate to UCPD” on my to do list. Unfortunately, one of our officers at the Union City Police Department is experiencing an unspeakable tragedy, and I have been overcome with the need to donate. I spoke with the president of the police officer’s association, committing to donate. However, I have run out of checks, and now I have to figure out what to do next since a paperless option is not part of the solution.

That is the worst kind of friction.

Payments are important and are the lifeblood of our economy, our communities, and therefore, our lives.  The more we make these payments invisible, the more we can free people to use their creativity to change the world.

Today, there are countless startups on kitchen tables and in garages. Some of them are going to change your lives in ways that you don’t realize quite yet. Many will need a way to take or make a payment. WePay’s got that all figured out for them.

I came to WePay after a long career with large, consumer-facing brands.  My opportunity and challenge is to apply lessons learned with consumer brands to the financial services realm.  

I am on Day 4 here at WePay.  Amidst the astounding technology and brilliant people, there is creative energy and aspirations of creating a user experience that flows like water.  I can tell you we are going to do great things and change the world together.