Platform economy| 2015.11.11| By Jon Xavier

Crowdfunding gone wild?

This Sunday, essayist Judy Newman wrote about crowdfunding in The New York Times. In a piece entitled GoFundMe Gone Wild, she rails against various aspects of crowdfunding that annoy her, including celebrities raising money for their projects and ordinary people raising money for things like school...
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Risk| 2015.10.30| By Jeremy Milk

Money20/20 - Our Top 5 reflections from the biggest fin-tech conference

Las Vegas this week played host to Money20/20, the world’s largest conference on payments and financial services innovation. It’s a Who’s Who of FinTech, the venue for many cool product and technology launches, and an overall good time. So of course, we had to be there. What most struck...
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Payments| 2015.10.15| By Atit Shah

What partners need to know about the new PCI rules

Willie Sutton, an infamous gangster, was once asked by a reporter why he robbed banks. Sutton didn't even have to think for a second before he responded, "That's where the money is." Online, the money is with the people who process payments. That's why the credit card networks (ie. Visa,...
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