Uncategorized| 2015.02.26| By Jon Xavier

Merchant risk: a uniquely awful problem all platforms must deal with

At WePay, one of the major selling points of our products for our partners is that we take on all the risk of fraud from the transactions we process, freeing them from having to hire staff and implement technologies to fight it. Part of the risk we protect them from is payer risk: if someone uses...
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Payments| 2015.02.18| By Jon Xavier

Why the upcoming EMV refresh affects everyone

Last week, our VP of Risk John Canfield joined representatives from Vantiv and Verifi for a webinar about managing risk for so-called card not present transactions, which make up the bulk of payments online.   It was a wide ranging discussion, covering everything from mobile payments to...
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Company| 2015.01.26| By Rich Aberman

Announcing Google Wallet for WePay

Mobile devices account for 60 percent of Internet traffic, but less than 20 percent of online transactions.  Why? Because entering your credit card info into a mobile device sucks, so people don’t usually do it, or they abandon the process halfway through. WePay powers payments on platforms...
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