Developer| 2015.01.20| By Jon Xavier

LinkedIn, Twitter pros discuss security at WePay's first Tech Talk

Last week, WePay hosted our first tech talk at our headquarters, bringing together security pros from two of Silicon Valley's top companies to discuss what it takes to protect your users and your business in an environment where everyone from organized crime to national governments is gunning for...
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Payments| 2015.01.02| By Jon Xavier

2014: a year in review

As the new year dawns, we thought we’d take a look back at 2014, which was a big year for payments and an even bigger year for WePay. In many ways, it was the most eventful year we’ve had since we started, marked by an entirely new business direction, huge product launches, and tremendous...
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Payments| 2014.12.02| By David Nye

Security, meet scalability: WePay moves to the cloud

At WePay, security is our most important product, the thing that underpins everything we do. When you’re responsible for moving billions of dollars of other people’s money, believe me, security is never far from your mind. Yet at the same time, we also value flexibility and reliability. We know...
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