Payments| 2014.09.18| By WePay

WePay's thoughts about Apple Pay

Like many of you, we were glued to our monitors as Apple announced its latest crop of product offerings last week. I suspect that we were in the minority, however, as what we were most interested in was not the new iPhone or the Apple Watch, but a new mobile payments system in iOS 8 called Apple...
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Company| 2014.09.05| By WePay

Meet our new DevOps chief, David Nye

One of the biggest challenges for a fast growing startup is keeping everything running while dealing with an ever-increasing load from a an ever-increasing number of users. Here at WePay, that’s a challenge we’re happy to have — We’re tracking to more than double payment volume this...
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Company| 2014.08.28| By WePay

WePay turns 6!

Today is a big day for WePay! It was exactly 6 years ago today that our founders, Bill and Rich, left their jobs with nothing but an idea for a group payments service, an idea that became WePay. And while there have definitely been some twists and turns along the way (You can read a little more...
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